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The confusion regarding Alpha bands, i.e.. A to Z Bands, on price guns:

First of all, alpha bands are not available on all price guns.  Only certain makes and models of price guns have this available and usually at additional cost.  This is because it is not a standard feature on any price gun.  I know of no price guns that can have alpha bands that contains numbers as well.  It means that you can have either alpha bands or numeric bands but not alpha/numeric bands in the same position on a label gun.  Although it is common that some price guns have some letters on its numeric bands as fillers, but only a handful of letters (not the entire alphabet).

To operate a Alpha band on a price gun:

When using an alphanumeric label gun, you first must understand how the label gun differs from a standard numeric tool.

If you are dealing with just printing numbers, it is as easy as dialing in a number and having that number print on the label. The reason being is that there is so little information on the print band that it allows the numbers to repeat where the print head is. So it is as easy as if you dial in the number two in the viewfinder, it will print a two on the label.

When dealing with a full alphabet of letters, there is far more information needed on the print band so that information cannot repeat in the viewfinder and on the print head.

Therefore there will be a little guide/conversion chart on the gun for you to follow. For example, you may have to dial in a backwards T to print the letter A. Or you may need to dial in a backwards U to print the letter B and so on.


By no means is it brain surgery, but it is worth understanding how all alpha and numeric label guns work.

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Monarch 1110 Price Gun & Labels

#1 Monarch 1110 1-line labels


Monarch 1115 Price Gun & Labels

#2 Monarch 1115 2-line labels


Monarch 1131 Price Gun & Labels

#3 Monarch 1131 1-line labels


Monarch 1136 Price Gun & Labels

#4 Monarch 1136 2-line labels


Monarch 1138 Price Gun & Labels

#5 Monarch 1138 1-line labels


Towa GS / Speedy Mark 3 Price Gun & Labels

  #9 Towa GS (Speedy Mark 3)  1-line Gun  


AccuTouch Die Cut Label Dispenser

#13 Accu Touch Label Applicator


#17 X-Mark 21 & XL Pro 21 2-line


#21 X-Mark 25 & XL Pro 25 2-line


#25 X-Mark 1623 2-line Gun


#29 Sato TSA180 2-line Label Price Gun


#33 EZ-200 (Speedy Mark Exp) 2-Line Gun


#37 Contact 8.25 1-Line Label Price  Gun


#41 Meto 22  2-Line Gun


#45 Garvey 22 1-Line Gun


#49 Garvey 37 1-Line Gun




Monarch 1151, 1152 & 1159 Price Gun & Labels

#6 Monarch 1151 1-line labels


Towa GL / Speedy Mark 4 Price Gun & Labels

#10 Towa GL(Speedy Mark 4) 2-line Gun


Bar Code thermal Labels and Printers

#14 Bar Code Labels & Printers


#18 X-Mark 22 & XL Pro 22 1-Line


#22 X-Mark 29 & XL Pro 29 3-line


#26 MoTex 2200  1-line Gun


#30 Sato 230 2-line Label Price Gun


#34 Contact 6.18 1-Line Label Price Gun


#38 Contact 88.25 2-Line Label Price Gun


#42 Meto 26  1-Line Gun


#46 Garvey 22 2-Line Gun


#50 Stock & Custom Tags




Monarch 1152 Price Gun & Labels

#7 Monarch 1152 2-line labels


Towa GH / Speedy Mark 5 Price Gun & Labels

#11 Towa GH (Speedy Mark 5) 3-line Gun


#15 X-Mark18 & XL Pro 18 1-line


#19 X-Mark 22 & XL Pro 22 2-line


#23 X-Mark 37 & XL Pro 37 2-line


#27 MoTex 5500 1-line Gun


#31 Promo 33 Hand Held Label Applicator


#35 Contact 6.22 1-Line Label Price Gun


#39 Contact 1212.37 2-Line Price Gun


#43 Meto 29  3-Line Gun


#47 Garvey 25 1-Line Gun


#51 New Product Coming Soon



Monarch 1156 Price Gun & Labels

 #8 Monarch 1156 1-line labels


#12 Image Guard Photography Copyright System


#16 X-Mark 21 & XL Pro 21 1-line


#20 X-Mark 25 & XL Pro 25 1-line


#24 X-Mark 1618 & XL Pro 1618 2-line


#28 Sato 105 & 106 1-line


#32 EZ-100 (Speedy Mark Exp) 1-Line Gun


#36 Contact 66.22 2-Line Label Price Gun


#40 Meto 22  1-Line Label Price  Gun


#44 Garvey 18 1-Line Gun


#48 Garvey 25 2-Line Gun


#52 New Product Coming Soon